Petiole was founded by Ida Magnusson, a passionate and creative interior designer with over 10 years of industry experience, working in prime central London

Ida’s journey in interior design is a story of passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication. With a background rooted in art and a love for transforming spaces, Ida embarked on a mission to redefine interior design.

design philosophy

Ida’s design philosophy revolves around creating spaces that harmoniously blend aesthetics and functionality. Her inspirations are drawn from nature, art, and her Scandinavian heritage, resulting in designs that are both timeless and contemporary.

personal touch

We always seek to first understand each client on a personal level to explore and uncover each client’s individual style, and in doing so we aim to create something that feels really special and at the same time achieves that wonderful ‘homey’ feeling.

Discover the stories behind some of her most memorable designs.

I believe in neutral base palettes along with carefully selected colours and personal details that makes you feel at home in your element and in a surrounding that gives you lots of inspiration.

The importance of client collaboration is key and every project is a unique journey. I cherish the opportunity to bring your vision to life